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The BCA program is affiliated to Kumaun University, Nainital. BCA is a three-year course offered at the undergraduate level. It introduces learners to the fundamentals of computer applications. Students learn about the nuances of computer hardware and software and its application in various fields such as operating systems, web technology and computer languages such as C, C++, Python, Java etc. 

Duration of the Programme

The Duration of the programme is 3 years full time on regular basis.


Fee Structure (Uttarakhand)

₹ 22,000/- Per Semester


Fees structure for other states

₹ 56,000/-per Semester


Eligibility: 10+2 with Math's (40% for SC, S.T, OBC & 45% for General)


BCA Course Subjects Semester-wise


Check out the semester-wise course subjects for the BCA course here.

Paper Code

Title of Paper

First Semester

BCA 111

Communicative English

BCA 112

Basic Mathematics

BCA 113

Computer Fundamentals

BCA 114

Introduction to C Language

BCA 115

Lab: Practical (C & Unix basics)

Second Semester

BCA 211

Discrete Mathematics

BCA 212

Introduction to C++

BCA 213

Data Structures

BCA 214

Digital Electronics

BCA 215

Lab: Practical (C++)

Third Semester

BCA 311

Computer System Architecture

BCA 312

Programming in Python

BCA 313

Operational Research

BCA 314

Organizational Behavior

BCA 315

Lab: Practical (Python)

Fourth Semester

BCA 411

Introduction to Database System

BCA 412

Operating System

BCA 413

Cloud Computing

BCA 414

Numerical Analysis and Statistical Techniques

BCA 415

Lab: Practical (DBMS)

Environment Science

Students must appear in exam of the Compulsory Paper of "Environmental Sciences"

Fifth Semester

BCA 511

Digital Communication and Network

BCA 512

(a) Java Programming

(b) C# with .NET Framework

BCA 513

Computer Graphics

BCA 514

Software Engineering

BCA 515

Lab: Practical (JAVA)/C#

Sixth Semester

BCA 611

Artificial Intelligence

BCA 612

(a) Web Technology

(b) Internet of Things

BCA 613

Cyber Security

BCA 614

Minor Project

BCA 615

Lab: Web Technology/ Internet of Things